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Web 3.0 and Decentralized Data Processing

Web 3.0 is the upcoming version of the Internet, where users have more control over their data, and where the processing of data is more distributed and decentralized. It is expected to be powered by blockchain technology, which can enable users to securely store and share their data without relying on any centralized server. Decentralized data processing is the process of using multiple computers to process data instead of relying on a central server. This allows data to be processed more quickly and securely, and reduces the chances of a single point of failure. This will be a key part of Web 3.0, allowing users to process data more efficiently and securely.

Ethical Hacking &Cyber Security Workshop

Ethical hacking and cyber security are two related but distinct concepts. Ethical hacking is the practice of attempting to infiltrate a computer system or network with the intent of finding security vulnerabilities that malicious hackers could exploit. Cyber security is the practice of protecting computer systems and networks from malicious hacking attempts. This workshop is designed to provide participants with an introduction to the tools and techniques used for ethical hacking and cyber security. Participants will learn about the various types of attacks that can be used to gain access to a system and how to protect against them. They will also learn about the different methods of encryption and authentication that can be used to protect data and how to detect and prevent attacks. Finally, they will gain experience in setting up a secure system and responding to security incidents.

Automobile IC Engine & Nitro Engine RC Car

The Automobile IC Engine & Nitro Engine RC Car Workshop is designed for those who are interested in building and maintaining their own remote-controlled cars and other vehicles. The workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about the different types of engines and how to maintain them. Participants will be able to build and test their own vehicles, as well as learn about the different components of a remote-controlled car and how to tune them for optimal performance. The workshop will also discuss the differences between the various types of engines and how to troubleshoot issues that may arise.

Game Development Workshop

The Game Development Workshop is a fun and educational way to learn the basics of game development. The workshop teaches participants how to create their own games using the popular game development software Unity. Topics covered include basic game design principles, game mechanics, scripting, art and animation, and more. Participants will also be able to explore the different game development platforms available, such as the Unity Asset Store and the Unity Editor. The workshop is suitable for both aspiring game developers, who are looking to learn the basics, and experienced game developers, who want to brush up on their skills. At the end of the workshop, participants will have created a fully functioning game, which they can share with others.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

A Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Workshop is a great way to learn more about the revolutionary technology that is driving the new digital economy. This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and its implications for business and society. Attendees will learn about the technology behind blockchain, how it works, and its current and future applications. They will also gain an understanding of the various types of cryptocurrencies and their uses, as well as the potential risks and rewards of investing in digital assets. Participants will have the opportunity to explore various applications, explore best practices, and network with industry professionals. The workshop will also provide an overview of current regulatory frameworks and the potential for future developments. 

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